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Our Story

Family-owned and operated, SF’s most historic French bistro was started by two brothers from Normandy, Pierre and Claude Cappelle. These San Francisco wine merchants opened what would become their flagship restaurant in 1974 to share their passion for France’s bistro cuisine. In 1993, the brothers bid adieu to their ownership and bestowed the honor to another pair of brothers, Johnny and Paul Tanphanich, who had been with the Le Central family as Executive Chefs since the 1980’s. Together, Johnny and Paul bring over four decades of experience in French cooking to Le Central. The legacy of family and food continues in the next generation of ownership, finding Melanie Tanphanich, daughter of Executive Chef Johnny, working alongside her Uncle Paul to invigorate and affirm the restaurant’s values of quality and family.

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One of the last vestiges of Old San Francisco, Le Central holds traditions of family and quality closely and with care. With a colorful cast of characters, Le Central is a quintessentially San Francisco restaurant. When the rest of your world is virtual, take refuge in Le Central for a taste of the real. No internet, no televisions; nothing to distract you from the honest experience of a good meal surrounded by good people. With an unequivocal if inexplicable sense of serendipity, Le Central brings people together over great drinks and great food in an exquisitely charming setting. Who knows, you may just see some of the same lovely folks when you were in last time. That was the San Francisco way. Nourish your body and your soul; sate all your senses at Le Central.